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Five beautiful photo books of Scotland.

One of the many things Scotland does well is scenery. The hills, the lochs, the golden beaches, the castles, what more could you want? Of course, the views have been well documented across literature so here’s just five beautifully produced titles that attempt to capture what Scotland has to offer.   St Kilda: The Last […]

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Publisher spotlight: Acair

As part of #ScotLitFest, we’re hoping to shine a spotlight on not just the authors, but the publishers in Scotland with a five point guide. Today, we’ll be looking at Acair. Cò, càite, dè is carson. ‘S e companaidh foillseachaidh a th’ ann an Acair, a’ foillseachadh leabhraichean Gàidhlig, Beurla, agus da-chànanach. Tha Acair stèidhichte […]

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