Kirkland Ciccone


When?: Sunday 26th, 4pm – 5pm
Where?: Twitter
What?: A discussion on communities in YA

Kirkland Ciccone’s punk fuelled storytelling events and his idiosyncratic take on the YA genre have both helped him take the Teen Reads Scene by storm since his first novel in 2013. He is now highly in demand for live appearances at libraries/festivals/schools. His books appeal to the freaks, geeks, punks, skaters, weirdos, and wacky folk as well as their parents. 

His debut novel is Conjuring The InfiniteIt is a dark tale of madness, magick, and murder.  Each page, according to the man himself, is “soaked in blood and Irn-Bru” – whatever that means.

His second novel is titled Endless EmpressIt is bloody weird.

Kirkland’s third novel for Strident Publishing is called North of Porter. It’s about a teenage boy (with a Dolce & Gabbana handbag) who takes on a serial killer in a small town. It isn’t based on Kirkland’s actual life.

Kirkland is punk rock not disco but he sometimes dresses a bit disco.

Books from Kirkland: Waterstones | Blackwell’s | Amazon | Indie Bookshops near you