Douglas Skelton

Douglas-SkeltonWhen?: Sunday 26th
Where?: Twitter
What?: The Collaborative Crime Creation

Douglas has been a bank clerk, tax officer, taxi driver (for two days), wine waiter (for two hours), journalist and investigator. He’s written 11 true crime and Scottish criminal history books but now he’s concentrating on fiction.

BLOOD CITY, published in 2013 by Luath Press, introduced Davie McCall, a young Glasgow hard man with a heart – a good man walking in a bad man’s skin. CROW BAIT (2014, Luath Press) continued Davie’s story, pitting him against his murderous father. In DEVIL’S KNOCK (2015, Luath Press) Davie tries to find a witness to a brutal murder while dealing with a Hollywood star who wants to pick his brains. OPEN WOUNDS (2016, Luath Press) is the final book in the quartet. Davie wants out but will the Life let him? A miscarriage of justice may help him find redemption, while the woman who has moved in upstairs might finally bring him love. But in Glasgow’s underbelly, death is only a bullet away. THE DEAD DON’T BOOGIE (2016, Contraband) will be out later in the year.

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