#ScotLitFest: Meet The Teapot Trust.

As part of #ScotLitFest 2017, we recorded a podcast with John Young, whose YA debut book Farewell Tour of a Terminal Optimist has been described as a cross between The Fault In Our Stars and Trainspotting. Quite a combination, and a brilliant book. In the podcast, John touches on his charity The Teapot Trust, and we wanted to introduce you to them.

The Teapot Trust is an arts therapy charity founded by Laura and John Young following the loss of their daughter Verity. Verity spent much of her short life in hospital coping with illness and managing the effects that her treatment (first for Lupus and then for cancer) had upon her young body. Art gave Verity a way of expressing herself and was an essential coping strategy for the whole family, so the Young’s wanted to help other children and families in the same situation.

What is art therapy?
Medical art therapy is used to help young people who have a wide range of chronic illnesses and physical disabilities to adjust and adapt to their life-limiting conditions. Long term health problems can cause anxiety, anger or upset for children and their families, and may be difficult to talk about. With the guidance of an art therapist, art therapy offers a safe space for children and young people to express and deal with difficult feelings using non-verbal communication. Being in the creative process often leads to being able to share worries in ways previously not possible, helping children gain confidence, feel more in control and cope with their condition.

You can find out more at teapot-trust.org on the incredible work they do, how to volunteer and fundraise for them amongst other things. They also have a shop, and you can find various ways to donate to the Teapot Trust here. You can keep up with them at @TheTeapotTrust.

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