#ScotLitFest: Five spoken word nights you have to go to.

For this year’s festival, we’re trying a little something different and hosting an evening of spoken word tomfoolery at Summerhall with #ScotLitFest LIVE. While we’re hosting the event for one night only, there’s a bunch of spectacular folks who host nights like this on the regular and we want to show you some of our favourites.

Neu! Reekie!
Where to begin? “Dismantle the structures and snobberies dividing high and low art – art is for everyone,” says their Facebook tagline. Founded in December 2010 by poets Michael Pedersen and Kevin Williamson, Neu! Reekie! is a literary, music and animation collective with an international output; plus a record label and publishing house in tow. “Scotland’s favourite avant-garde noisemakers,” according to The Skinny, and we agree | Read more

Interrobang is the Saboteur-Award-Winning storytelling/poetry/music night with a slightly different flavour. Think democratic spoken word and adorably edgy sensibilities. Hosted by charming curators Ricky Monahan Brown and Beth Cochrane. Great, huh?! | Read more

Sonnet Youth
The spoken word house party. Literary raves taking over Glasgow (and travelling further afield). Sonnet Youth are a combo of poetry, events & workshops hosted by Cat Hepburn & Kevin P Gilday. They relaunched earlier in 2017 and have been knocking it out the park since, including their Hidden Door takeover in Edinburgh, and an upcoming evening at Belladrum Festival’s Verb Garden | Read more

Flint and Pitch
F&P are a new spoken word project for Scotland, based in Edinburgh. Director and founder Jenny Lindsay (formerly Rally of acclaimed literary-cabaret duo Rally & Broad, 2012 – 2016) produces innovative and entertaining spoken word, live literature and music events that showcase the best of Scotland-based spoken word alongside brilliant up-and-coming music acts. They’ll be taking over Edinburgh Book Festival’s Unbound for an evening in August too. Hurrah | Read more

Inky Fingers
A series of events for people who love words. Inky Fingers believe in throwing words wide open: they want everyone to be able to create with language and share their work, care about supporting and encouraging writers and spoken word performers, creative experimentation, building communities of writers working together to create, and putting on fantastic events that celebrate language. tl;dr, they’re very good. | Read more

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