About .scot

.scot is the top-level domain for Scotland and Scottish culture that exists to provide Scots an online identity. From blogs to businesses, our domains are perfect for those who want to highlight their Scottish culture and heritage.

Since launching in September 2014, over 12,000 .scot domains have been registered making .scot one of the world’s fastest growing community domains. With .scot domains registered in 43 countries, we see it as creating a unique Scottish global community online.

Working with ScotLitFest was a perfect fit for us – what better way to promote the vast amount of literary talent from and about Scotland?

We offer a unique branding tool for businesses and a clear cultural identifier for people in Scotland and in the wider Scots diaspora. As well as being used to promote Scottish art, culture, businesses and education it is also used by individuals who want to highlight their Scottish connections or simply like having ‘.scot’ as part of their online identity.

.scot domains are perfect for people and groups who may:

  • Contribute to Scottish social, cultural, business or academic life
  • Utilise the spoken and visual languages of Scotland
  • Explore Scottish heritage
  • Have made Scotland their home
  • Have an affinity for Scotland

If any of these apply to you, you’re good to go!

One of the big advantages of new gTLDs (new top-level domains) such as .scot is that it’s much easier to get the name you want, which is all the better for showing off your products or services. Why settle for some obscure, long-winded domain name when you can get a short snappy one which your customers and/or readership will find easier to remember?

So, if you fancy a domain name that is memorable, easy to find and provides state of the art security and resilience, consider .scot!

Visit our website at www.dot.scot for more information or find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using #ScotsGoGlobal and #OutstandingScotland.

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