Five Scots Translations of Your Favourite Children’s Books

Itchy Coo are an excellent imprint in Scotland who publish books in the Scots language, translating a lot of childhood favourites into the Scottish tongue. With a recent announcement that they’re marking the 20th anniversary of a certain book by making Scots the 80th language it’s translated into, it felt a good time to look at just five authors and books translated into Scots to dive into.

1. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – J.K. Rowling.
You might have noticed that Harry Potter turned twenty very recently, and what better news to celebrate that milestone than the announcement that Harry and pals will be translated into Scots by Matthew Fitt? It’s not out yet, but the publisher gave a glimpse into the book to come: ‘Mr and Mrs Dursley, o nummer fower, Privet Loan, were prood tae say that they were gey normal, thank ye awfie muckle. They were the lest fowk ye wid jalouse wid be taigled up wi onythin unco or ferlie, because they jist widnae hae onythin tae dae wi joukery packery like yon.’

2. The Gruffalo – Julia Donaldson.
Julia Donaldson’s The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo’s Child, illustrated by Axel Scheffler, has been translated into many, many versions of Scots – Glaswegian, Doric, Shetlandic, Dundonian, Orcadian and more by a host of excellent translators including Laureen Johnson, Simon Hall, Matthew Fitt, Elaine C Smith, Sheena Blackhall and James Robertson. (See The Gruffalo books.)

3. Mr Mingin and Billionaire Bairn by David Walliams.
David Walliams has sat fairly comfortably at the top of the children’s bestseller lists since making the move into the world of books, and now you have the chance to read two of his bestselling works to date in Scots courtesy of Matthew Fitt’s translations of Mr Mingin and Billionaire Bairn. (See David Walliams books.)

4. A few by Roald Dahl.
We’ve likely all dove into Roald Dahl’s world of pure imagination at some point in our lives, and now you and your young ones can revisit it in a new dialect. Susan Rennie, Matthew Fitt and James Robertson have worked on Chairlie and the Chocolate Works, The Guid Freendly Giant, The Eejits, The Sleekit Mr Tod, Geordie’s Mingin Medicine – there’s plenty to get stuck into. (See Roald Dahl books.)

5. And a few more by Julia Donaldson…
On top of the many, many versions of The Gruffalo available to read, you can snag copies of Room on the Broom, Whit the Clockleddy Heard, The Reiver Rat and Da Trow – translated by Christine De Luca and James Robertson – to have a gander at more of her books. (See Julia Donaldson books.)

Go have a gander at the hame page of Itchy Coo for more.

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  1. Braw tae see weans’ scots buiks as pairt o the scotlitfest!
    These translatins are often the first time adult Scots speakers see their own modern langUage in print – they need to be applauded for this As well as being recognised For meeting the needs of young scots speakers and readers.

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