Five Books for the Sports Lover in Your Life

Wimbledon fever is in the air, book festivals are coming thick and fast, so we thought today we’d combine the two and seek out some books for the sport lover in your life, whether that’s you, family, or pals. For the sake of making the battle to choose just five easier, we’ve limited it to Scottish books in the last few years. Let’s dive in.

1. Seventy-Seven by Andy Murray.
You might remember a few years ago that little thing happened where Andy Murray won Wimbledon. He was the first British man to life the male singles trophy for 77 years, and Seventy-Seven takes you on a personal journey through the pivotal moments of his career that got him to that point. (Published by Headline.)

2. Knowing the Score by Judy Murray.
Judy Murray Scottish National Coach, coach of the Fed Cup and mother to tennis champions Jamie and Andy Murray.  She’s a coach, leader, parent, and takes you on the journey from the soggy community courts of Dunblane to the infamous Centre Court at Wimbledon. From desparate finances and entrenched sexism, to the glorious heights (so far) of the Murray family, she tells her story. (Published by Chatto & Windus.)

In case you missed the exciting news, Judy Murray joins us for #ScotLitFest on Saturday July 22nd. Check out the full event information here..

3. The Flying Fergus series – Chris Hoy.
Fergus Hamilton is a boy with a big imagination. Living with his mum and grandad and his dog, Chimp, he dreams of becoming the most brilliant boy cyclist in the world. So when he gets a rusty second-hand bike for his ninth birthday he can’t help feel a bit disappointed, until he takes it for a ride… This is just an excellent series of books for kids that will make them all desperate to grab their bikes and ride the road of adventure. (Published by Piccadilly Press.)

4.  Behind the Thistle: Playing Rugby for Scotland by David Barnes & Peter Burns.
Featuring the thoughts of 175 players who have represented Scotland since the very first Test match in 1871, Behind the Thistle gives a unique insight into the drama and emotion of playing for Scotland in that most rarefied of environments – Test match rugby. This is the story of what it is really like to play rugby for Scotland, revealing the sacrifices and joys experienced by those who have shed blood, sweat and tears in pursuit of glory in the navy blue jersey. (Published by Birlinn.)

5. Pretty much anything by Black & White.
We’re not even going to try pick a book from one football team (that would open one heck of a can of worms), but we can point you in the direction of Black & White Publishing, who have an excellent array of non-fiction sports books from a few Scottish teams. Maybe we can find one from each team in Scotland to keep everyone happy. Next time…  (Published by Black & White.)

What great sports books have we missed? Recommend us your favourites.

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