Scot Lit Fest Sunday email 2016.

Miss our Sunday email? Worry not, here’s a recap of all the content you might have missed.

Gavin Francis on the importance of libraries
A must watch. We’ve also got some reading about libraries, from statistics to more on their importance.

How to survive as a writer
Ahead of our Writer Salon, author Alex Nye gave us a run through of how to survive as an author, with mountains and icebergs. Read more here.

Our instagram is jam packed full of stunning illustrations. Head over to our account to have a look.

Flying Sketch.jpg

Podcasts. Podcasts. Podcasts.
We’ve gone a bit podcast crazy – here’s some great ones for book lovers, and a few in there for music fans for good measure. Basically, you’ll have podcasts to last you years. Go discover some new podcasts.

Electric Bookshop: a voyage of discovery!
The Electric Bookshop took us through the past, present and future of books and reading, where we discovered some weird and wonderful projects. Learn more about the Electric Bookshop here.

We’ve been raving about our debut showcase, and the event was magnificent. So, here’s a rundown of the books and authors we were chatting to. Go discover some brilliant new books.

YA and communities
Our event showcased exactly the kind of thriving communities YA fosters, and discussed exactly why that is. If you want to know where you can delve more into this, we’ve got a list of YA meet ups, both online and in person, right over here.

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