The Saltire Society and Scot Lit Fest

saltire.jpgWith our weekend of events about to begin this afternoon, here’s a bit more on The Saltire Society, who are behind Scot Lit Fest, and how it came to be.

Founded in 1936, The Saltire Society celebrates their 80th anniversary this year, and does so with a great programme across all that they do: literature, arts, architecture, civil engineering and more. In his speech at our launch party, The Saltire Society’s Jim Tough, discussed how the Society celebrates culture and the diversity and breadth of creation that Scotland has to offer, and the ways in which they look to support everyone, the latest of which is Inspiring  Scotland, a £50,000 funding programme to support young artists. Scot Lit Fest is just an extension of that which breaks down geographical borders for a weekend.

We’ve already talked about the reasons why you would host a virtual festival, and why we’re standing alongside the great standards Scotland has in book festivals paying our participants, but what we’ve not talked about is what the point is: in essence, it’s just to extend the celebration. Saltire have been doing it for 80 years, the coordinators of Scot Lit Fest have been doing it for the last four months: finding great parts of culture and going “We need to showcase this”.

It’s why their literary awards – now the leading in Scotland – continue to showcase and celebrate great publishing, authors and literature, from fiction and non-fiction, to poetry and research.

For this weekend, both The Saltire Society and Scot  Lit Fest hope that you discover someone, or a book, or a poem, or just something that sparked an interest or curiosity in your mind. In the world of celebration, discovering great treasures is always a bonus. So join us this weekend as the newest way that the Saltire Society celebrates literature, and we hope you discover something great along the way.

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