#scotlitfest exclusive: Dragon Games.

This week, Polygon have given us a sneak peek of Dragon Games by Jan-Philipp Sendker, which is published on September 22nd 2016. For more information on the book, visit their website and keep reading for the exclusive below!

Hong Kong. American journalist Paul and his Chinese girlfriend – face a crisis. A troubling letter arrives from mainland China from Christine’s long lost brother and they feel compelled to come to his rescue. There they find a village in turmoil and his brother’s life in disarray.

Their dangerous quest for justice begins set against a China beset by corrupt politicians, ruthless business interests where citizens, still in the long shadow of the Cultural Revolution have few rights in the face of an all-powerful system.

I’ve ended up in hell. Not of my own making. Not my fault. I must have lost my way. Th ere’s no other explanation. At some point in the maze of life, I took the wrong turn without noticing. Wasn’t paying attention, for once. Took the left instead of the right fork. Or the other way around. I saw no sign, nothing that could have been a warning to me. I simply walked on without stopping. Just like I’ve always done in my life. Onward. Always onward.

Read the first two chapters by clicking here.

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