#scotlitfest exclusive: Devil Take the Hindmost

FB_devil_take_the_Hindmost_cover3This week, Freight have given us a sneak peek of Devil Take the Hindmost by Martin Cathcart Froden, which is published in July. For more information on the book, visit Freight’s website and keep reading for the exclusive below!

Devil Take the Hindmost, is a gripping historical noir set during the amphetamine-fuelled craze for velodrome racing which took London by storm in the late 1920s.

Into this world stumbles Paul, a bewildered Scottish farmboy running away from home. Powerfully built with a fierce passion for cycling, he is taken under the wing of Silas, a local loan shark, and from there enters a world he is ill-equipped to survive.

As the races get harder, the bets get larger, and the terrifying Mr Morton starts to take an interest in Paul’s career. For fans of Peaky Blinders and Brighton Rock, Devil Take the Hindmost is a thrilling ride through a historical London that is rarely visited.

It’s Good Friday 1929 and a record crowd has paid to see the cyclists. Down on the oval I watch Paul focus on his hands. Hands that used to handle white-eyed horses, deliver lambs, right fence posts blown over in Campsie gales and put his drunk father to bed.

Read the full prologue and chapter 1 of Devil Take the Hindmost HERE.

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