What Scot Lit Fest is Reading: Week 10

Every Friday Scot Lit Fest shares what they’ve been reading in the past week.


fen.jpgFen – Daisy Johnson (Jonathan Cape)

Real people live their lives here. They wrestle with familiar instincts, with sex and desire, with everyday routine. But the wild is always close at hand, ready to erupt. This is a place where animals and people commingle and fuse, where curious metamorphoses take place, where myth and dark magic still linger. So here a teenager may starve herself into the shape of an eel. A house might fall in love with a girl. A woman might give birth to a – well what?

From absorbing personalities of prey, to a house that – as the blurb suggests – might fall in love with a girl, there’s a dark magic that touches Daisy’s stories. Fen is on one hand ordinary. There’s couples, sex, pubs, marriage. But within that, she weaves tales of magic and darkness, of inexplicable things, underpinned with something you understand. A longing, a need, that’s ordinary, but works with the otherworldly.

So, what have you all been reading this week?

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