#scotlitfest exclusive: Wicked Leaks.

This week, Saraband have given us a sneak peek of Wicked Leaks by Matt Bendoris, which is published on July 7th. For more information on the book, visit their website and keep reading for the exclusive below!

A mysterious patient. A nurse running for her life. Secrets that can destroy a nation.

Kelly Carter is used to staring death in the face. She’s an experienced palliative care nurse working the graveyard shift, in more ways than one. When her latest patient presents with his own state-of-the-art medical kit and a delusional conspiracy story about Princess Diana’s ‘assassination’, she’s sure his illness has reached the brain. Because there’s no way he could be for real. 

Meanwhile, journalists April Lavender and Connor Presley are investigating devastating revelations from beast-shamer.com – the shadowy website that’s exposing some nasty government secrets. But when an explosion blasts apart a suburban garage and another annihilates a doctor, they exit cyberspace and head for the epicentre of the action. Can they stop the killings?  

Monahan took one look at the mangled features of one of the world’s most famous and loved female icons, and knew instantly it was mission accomplished. What seemed like an improbable set of circumstances leading to a tragic road ‘accident’ had, in fact, been carried out with military precision: Monahan’s attention to detail was legendary. Like a chess player he could work out in the blink of an eye every permutation, ten moves ahead of any opponent.

Read the full chapter by clicking here.

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