Day: April 26, 2016

Publisher spotlight: Acair

As part of #ScotLitFest, we’re hoping to shine a spotlight on not just the authors, but the publishers in Scotland with a five point guide. Today, we’ll be looking at Acair. Cò, càite, dè is carson. ‘S e companaidh foillseachaidh a th’ ann an Acair, a’ foillseachadh leabhraichean Gàidhlig, Beurla, agus da-chànanach. Tha Acair stèidhichte […]

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Saltire Book of the Year nominees from the 1980s!

Today we’ve been rooting around the Saltire Society Literary Awards history and decided to have a look back at some names who were in contention for the Book of the Year award in the 1980s. The Saltire awards have celebrated many a writer over the years, and it’s a nice excuse (not that we need […]

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