Publisher Spotlight: Cranachan

As part of #ScotLitFest, we’re hoping to shine a spotlight on not just the authors, but the publishers in Scotland with a five point guide. Today, we’ll be looking at Cranachan Publishing.

The who, where, what and why.
Cranachan is a new publishing company, who – like the tasty dessert they’ve pinched their name from – looks to focus on the freshest and finest ingredients, when put together, people will want to devour in one sitting!

You may know them for publishing…
Watch this space for their first titles to hit the shelves this summer. In the meantime, they’re busy building the #ClanCranachan brand, ensuring that writers and readers feel part of something special. They’ve also created the Yesteryear series which features quality children’s historical fiction.

What’s unique to them?
While being fairly new to the independent publishing circle, Cranachan feel they’re operating differently by giving writers who submit work personalised responses. Forget the ‘it’s just not for us’ – with every submission being read by both Anne and Helen, they are choosing books which excite and inspire them. Decisions are purely based on the quality of the writing and the story being told – whether it is considered ‘commercial’ or not. They’re also prepared to mentor writers until their work is ready to be published, as well as offering training in areas such as public speaking and social media.

Claim To Fame.
Despite only launching earlier this year, they’ve already acquired books from previously published authors. John K. Fulton (The Wreck of Argyll, Freight Books) will join Helen MacKinven (Talk of the Toun, ThunderPoint Publishing, 2015) and more as part of Cranachan’s first foray into publishing.

The future.
Well, all the above. Plus books from Barbara Henderson and Michelle Sloan with more names announced soon. 2016 is the year Cranachan make their mark and, as they say, the proof of the pudding is in the reading!

Where you can find them… | Twitter, Facebook


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