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On top of the queen of the colouring book coming from Scotland, illustrator Johanna Basford has paved the way for us adults (reluctant as we are to admit we are actually adults) to revel in the joys of colouring again. While there’s now a colouring book for every hobby or fandom you can imagine, we thought we’d have a little look around ones for Scotland, just for a starting point.

birlinn colouring.pngThe Colouring Book of Scotland – Eilidh Muldoon
From Edinburgh Castle to Tobermory, the Falkirk Weel and the Forth Rail Bridge, Birlinn’s Scottish colouring book pulls from Johanna’s distinctive style that made the format boom in the first place. It’s intricate colouring for familiar landmarks!

Colouring Scotland – Laura Henderson
Take a tour of places in Scotland and colour them on the way with Freight’s book. From harbour towns to the infamous cone hat in Glasgow, there’s loads of iconic parts of the country waiting to be filled in with colour.

Create & Colour Scotland – Yvette Walker
Black & White have sidestepped the book being solely for colouring by packing their book with lots of activities and things to draw, taking you on a little tour of different areas of Scotland and its heritage. You can even colour in Robert  Burns a-la Warhol pop art (may or may not have done that already…)

history press.pngThe Scotland Colouring Book – The History Press
From granite cities to medieval castles, The History Press are offering yet another chance to give Scotland a splash of colour. Make Edinburgh Castle purple, make the hills a nice turquoise and sky a deep red – as they say, there are no rules.

The Highlands and Islands Colouring Book
It’s all fun and games to colour the landmarks, but The History Press also give you the chance to head a little outside the main cities and colour your way around the Highlands and Islands. Colour mountains, lochs, castles, battlefields and much more.

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