What Scot Lit Fest is Reading: Week 4

Every Friday Scot Lit Fest shares what they’ve been reading in the past week.

Bad SamaritanBad Samaritan
 – Michael J Malone (Contraband)

DI McBain is back and facing his demons more intensely than before. While he’s working on the case of a murdered student in a Glasgow street his nemesis ‘Stigmata’ is never far behind…

Bad Samaritan features the perfect number of players which makes the cast an ever intriguing one and there’s never a dull moment. Dialogue is Malone’s strong point so you’ll quickly figure out who’d you enjoy having a pint with and who, well, not so much. A sinister air is palpable throughout the whole book which keeps you going as McBain sprints closer to the conclusion of both cases. It’s more quality crime writing from Malone who continues to prove himself as a top Scottish crime author.

Modern RomanceModern Romance – Aziz Ansari (Penguin)

If you’ve ever wondered about dating and culture throughout the world and crossing generations, then Aziz Ansari has teamed up with Eric Klinenberg to give you the research, the anecdotes and observations on the dating world in the digital era. From the breakdown of texts to why a rice cooker may be a better profile picture than your own face in some cultures, it’s a fun, interesting take on the topic.

Islands in the StreamIslands in the Stream – Ernest Hemingway (Scribner)

A’ mhuir, tha i ciùin
Tha i fiadhaich, tha i farsainn
Tha i àlainn, tha i dìomhair
Tha i gamhlasach is domhainn.

Tha a’ mhuir bunaiteach ann am beatha eileanach, ge brith an Uibhist neo Ujae neo Útila a tha thu. ’S ann air co-cheangail na mara a thòisich Hemingway a’ cur ri chèile tè de na nobhailean as fhèar a sgrìobh e a-riamh. Ron a’ sin, bha e ann an seòrsa de staing a thaobh brosnachadh cruthachail agus dh’fheuch e ri fuasgladh fhaighinn le bhith a’ làimhseachadh chuspairean mòra bunasach dàn mhic an duine.

B’ e leabhar na thrì phàirtean a bha gu bhith ann: ‘The Sea When Young’, ‘The Sea When Absent’ agus ‘The Sea in Being’. Cha deach ach a’ phàirt mu dheireadh dheth fhoillseachadh na bheatha mar The Old Man and the Sea (1952), ris an do choisinn e mòr-urram. Chaidh am fuigheall ruisg a dheasachadh agus fhoillseachadh an dèidh dha eug mar Islands in the Stream agus tha an aon seòrsa stoidhle aige. Ma tha sibh a’ lorg barrachd Hemingway – mar a tha mi fhìn daonnan – seo dhuibh!

Gutter 14Gutter 14 – Freight Books

The magazine of new Scottish writing does not disappoint. While we’re only part way through our foray into the latest talents to grace their pages, there’s a whole heap of writers to get excited about. A few stand outs so far are Prime Meats by Jamie Norman, Interview Questions for God by Andrew Blair and the Poetry of Science by Calum Rodger. We can’t wait to delve into the rest.

So, what have you all been reading this week?

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