Estelle Maskame DIMIMY #scotlitfest exclusive!

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Scot Lit Fest is excited to have the UK exclusive of Estelle Maskame’s Did I Mention I Miss You?, the highly anticipated final in the DIMILY trilogy! Below is the entire first chapter available for download as a PDF. Be one of the first to get a sneak peek ahead of everyone else!

The water is cold, yet that doesn’t stop me from wading into it, only up to my ankles. I have my Converse in my hands, the laces wrapped around my fingers, and the wind is picking up, like it always does. It’s too dark to see far out over the low waves, but I can still hear the ocean crashing and rolling around me, and I almost forget that I’m not alone. There’s also the sound of fireworks, of laughter and voices, celebration and joy. I almost forget, just for a second, that it’s the Fourth of July.

Download the first chapter HERE.

Did I Mention I Miss You

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2 thoughts on “Estelle Maskame DIMIMY #scotlitfest exclusive!

  1. […] the first chapter of the final book in Estelle’s Did  I Mention I Love You? trilogy over on Scot Lit Fest a few months back. Well, now the book is out and I’m fairly chuffed as part of the blog tour […]

  2. hi, you have all the book, i really want to read this story; can you send me all the book please?
    I read the first chapter and i love the book i need to know what happened with Tyler and Eden

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