Publisher spotlight: Barrington Stoke

As part of #ScotLitFest, we’re hoping to shine a spotlight on not just the authors, but the publishers in Scotland with a five point guide. Today, we’ll be looking at Barrington Stoke.

Barrington Stoke

The who, where, what and why.
Barrington Stoke are an Edinburgh-based children’s publisher who look to unlock reading for more young people, with a focus on trying to assist those with dyslexia. They’ve done this through pioneering the use of tinted paper, creating their own more-readable font, and commissioning shorter, more tailored books from high profile authors. They believe you wouldn’t talk down to children, so you shouldn’t ‘write down‘ to them either, finding other ways to make their books accessible.

malorieYou may know them for publishing…
Robot Girl, Contact, Hostage & more written by Malorie Blackman
The Seal’s Fate, Mary’s Hair & more written by Eoin Colfer
Good Dog Lion written by Alexander McCall Smith
Minikid, Snug and many & written by Michael Morpurgo
Meet the Weirds, Wolf Man & more illustrated by Chris Mould
Monster Slayer illustrated by Chris Riddell

What’s unique to them?
Tints, their e-reading app, uses unique layouts and colour page tints to provide a dyslexia-friendly, on-screen reading experience for children at reading ages 7 and 8, branching their push to unlock reading into digital formats. They’re also a publisher that utilises blogging brilliantly, on everything from the industry and events, to their views on many topics. We’d definitely recommend you go have a read.

Claim To Fame.
On top of their excellent and award-winning roster, they’ve also earned several accolades, including being named Children’s Publisher of the Year in 2007’s IPG Awards, and receiving the 2016 IPG Alison Morrison Diversity Award.

The future.
Their mission to bring great books to young people is continued by the recent acquisition of Unboxed by Non Pratt, who worked in publishing before forging her way as a Young Adult author. Barrington Stoke are also expanding with an exciting new imprint called The Bucket List, launching this August and featuring bold, truthful and socially-conscious writing for children and young people.

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