What Scot Lit Fest is Reading: Week 1

Every Friday Scot Lit Fest shares what they’ve been reading in the past week.

The OutrunThe Outrun – Amy Liptrot (Canongate)

Amy Liptrot‘s first book The Outrun is her highly intimate and honest account of her battle with alcoholism and the concept of home in the Orkney islands.

With vivid descriptions of inner turmoil and self-discovery framed by the juxtaposing scenery of urban jungle London and unforgiving Orkney landscape The Outrun is one of the best memoirs to come out of the current nature-memoir trend.

the typewriters tale
The Typewriter’s Tale
– Michiel Heyns (Freight)

Michiel Heyns’ The Typewriter’s Tale shows Freida Wroth, a typist for celebrated author Henry James, see her life shift from that of being an undervalued employee in the art of writing, to the centre of a plot that she may as well be typing for readers, such is the lure and mystery of the situation she finds herself in.

Full of intrigue, Heyns lays out a book that draws you in bit by bit to what is an old-fashioned and really pleasing book, especially for those who enjoy the notion of crafting words. You’ll see a character itching with great ideas being stifled as she merely must type as dictated to.

So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed
– Jon Ronson (Picador)

A great renaissance of public shaming is sweeping our land.”

Jon Ronson once publicly won an online battle against some people who had created a spambot for him, and since has gone on to explore the nature of being publicly shamed. He travels all over to talk to people at the receiving end of the internet’s fury after a poorly considered joke or post, and the impact it has on their lives.

From trying to be unashamed in life, to those who can erase your mistakes on Google, it’s a fascinating look behind the lives of many you’ll know for one fleeting tweet that changed their lives forever, but that you’d never thought about since.

So, what have you all been reading this week?

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